Vintage Woden Tools

Primarily, this site looks at hand planes made by The Steel Nut & Joseph Hampton Ltd., (SNJH) and Woden Tools Ltd., at Wednesbury and later, Sheffield. The Woden hand plane is not a common tool when compared with the numbers still around from other vintage makers such as Stanley and Record. Indeed, not much real detail appears to be known about them.  Perhaps because they are thought to have been made only by Record, they seem to be regarded as a budget Record plane. This could have been quite near the truth around 1964, when Record were preparing to dis-continue the brand after the takeover of Woden Tools Ltd. in 1961. However, the Woden plane story starts around 1953/54 when the Steel Nut & Joseph Hampton Ltd. began making planes after taking over W.S Manufacturing of Birmingham.


Steel Nut (left) and Record Woden planes

 SNJH and Woden Tools Ltd made planes between 1954 and 1961, after which Record (C&J Hampton Ltd.) acquired  the brand and switched production to Sheffield. Record Woden planes were made at Sheffield between 1961 and  about mid 1965 when plane production ceased.  Other Woden tools continued to be made until the late 1960's.  After  that, some former Woden lines were re-numbered and sold under the Record brand.

 In the pages of this site, you will find details and images of all the Woden planes made at both factories and also many  other tools of the historic Woden brand.
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